Dog Running

Boise's First and Only Dog Running Service

This specialized service is similar to our dog walking service, except - of course - that we go faster!  Having us as your dog runner could be perfect for you if you've got a dog that has a lot of energy, always wants to play, or if no one is home during the day.  It can also be a great option if your dog shows some negative behavior traits because exercise can often decrease (or eliminate) the anxiety and stress that leads to unwanted behaviors.  Most dogs need a solid 30+ minutes of heart-pumping exercise each day and our running service can be the perfect solution. Boise dog running service icon- if you need a boise dog runner for free click on this picture.

Each Run will begin and end at your home (unless otherwise arranged).  Our run will begin with a walking warm up for about 3 minutes.  Runs always end with a cool down walk back to your home, 2 - 3 minutes.  The distance covered will be between two and five miles depending on your dog's ability and the length of run you choose.  Find out exactly when and where we ran by using our GPS tracking service!

Don't worry if you've never run with your dog before.  We'll try it out and evaluate how he/she handles it.  We can go faster or slower - whatever is best for your particular situation and your pet exercise needs.  If needed, you can always switch to our Dog Walking service instead.

 30 Minutes 45 Minutes 
 $27 $33

Who would have thought that our dog walkers were also dog runners?  If you think that your dog can outrun us, think again!  Our team is comprised of highly dedicated athletes who love to run!  Some of us play soccer, some run marathons, and others run just to run!  With that said, Contact Us so we can start running with your dog and get him on track for a longer and healthier future!

*There is a $20 surcharge per visit for all Major holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and Christmas, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.

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