Dog Training

Dog Training

Do you have to shut your dog in another room so that she doesn't jump on strangers after the door?  Does your dog act like Cujo when you walk by other dogs? Does your puppy eat the leash rather than let you walk him.

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I understand the language of dogs. I can teach Basic Obedience-sit, down, stay, come, off, and leave-it.  Puppy Socialization – getting puppy used to bikes, strangers, kids, other dogs, etc.
I also have experience with bad habit behavior modification.
*bad habits with other dogs, fear of strangers, bad leash manners.
I don't correct in a hands on manner, I believe in positive praise, love and a few healthy treats.

If you feel that your favorite furry friend could benefit from some lessons with our trainer Andrea, contact us today!  You can sign up for just a few visits to get the ball rolling or set up a regular weekly schedule.  For only a few dollars more than what we charge for our walks, your pets will benefit from both the exercise and training they need, in the same session.

30 minute session is $18
60 minute session is $30

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Don't come home to this ;)

Here are some well known and respected trainers whose methods I use:

Victoria Stilwell -
Cesar Millan-
Patricia B. McConnell-

The following are the books that I've read and believe in and implement their training methods:

It's Me or the Dog- How to Have the Perfect Pet
Train Your Pet Positively
Cesar's Rules
How to Speak Dog
Cesar's Ways
Dog Training for Dummies!

Give us a call anytime or send us a Contact Form to set up your first training session!  During our sessions we will train your dog as well as train you!  We will transfer our knowledge to you so you can train your dog inbetween sessions as well!  Your dog might also need to release some energy so consider signing up for our Dog Walking or Dog Running service as well!

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