Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Our Pet Sitting service is the perfect solution for you when you go out of town!  Don't feel guilty when you leave anymore.  Our dog walkers and pet sitters are here for you and your pets.  Using our service allows your pets to be relaxed and comfortable in their own home while you are away.  Let them sleep in their own bed or yours :) eat out of their own bowls, play with their own toys, and last but not least, sleep in their own beds... did I already say that?  

This service is available for all pets - including dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, horses, donkeys, iguanas, guinea pigs and more!

Use our pet sitting option if you feel your pets only need a couple visits a day by our pet sitters.  This typically includes a visit in the morning and a visit in the evening.  We can also make additional visits during the day if you would like.  If you feel your pets need a little more attention, consider our Overnight Care option.

Each day you are gone will include

   Love and attention to each pet

   Fresh food and water

   Walks/play time

   Medicine Administration

   Cleaning and/or scooping litter box for cats

   Bringing in the mail, newspaper and packages

   Rotating lights on and off

   Plant watering

   Taking trash cans to and from the curb

   Keeping your household running smoothly while you are away

We highly recommend you choose "in home" care instead of boarding for the sake of your beloved pet.  Dog day care facilities and kennels put high stress loads on your pets especially if they don't do too well with others.  There are plenty of other reason why you should choose "in home" care including:  your pets can stick to their daily meal and sleep schedules, they will avoid catching kennel cough or any other infectious bacteria, your pets will get personalized love and attention, and most importantly they will be wagging their tail when you come through the front door!
30 minute visit - $21
Covers all your bases!
45 minute visit - $27
Extra love and attention for Fido!

These rates include one or two pets!  If you have three pets don't worry because it's only $6 more per pet, per visit.

If you're from out of town and just visiting Boise for a few days and need some help taking care of your pets, our hotel visit service is probably a little more suitable for your needs.

*There is a $20 surcharge per visit for all Major holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and Christmas, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.

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