Pooper Scooper

Pooper Scooper Service

Cleaning up dog poop is no fun.  It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.  Our pooper scooper staff is here to help.  It doesn't get any worse than going out in your backyard and smelling weeks or even months worth of dog poop.  I'm not going to talk about how much fun it is to step in it... yuck!  It's also unhealthy for your dog, your family, and anyone else that may come in contact with it.  When dog poop isn't picked up, it is possible for parasites to linger in the ground for years.  If your dog or kids run through it on accident, they run the risk of infection and tracking disease through your home or wherever else they travel.  

Allow us to keep your yard clean and safe.  We can come to your home twice a week, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  I've had a poopy yard in the past and know what it's like.  Don't be embarrassed and Contact Us today.  The prices quoted below are per visit and for one dog.  

Twice weekly cleanup- $20
Weekly cleanup- $25
Biweekly cleanup- $30
Monthly cleanup- $50

*Add $10 to the price for each additional dog.

On our first visit, a one time charge of $80 will be used if your yard has not been cleaned in a long while, this is normally very obvious to us and most likely to you as well!   This pick up is for up to one hour of service.  If it takes longer than an hour to pick up, we will pro rate the second hour.

If you are one of our regular dog walking or pet sitting clients we will take $5 off all of the prices shown above.

*There is a $20 surcharge per visit for all Major holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas eve and Christmas, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.

If you represent an apartment complex, home owners association, commercial building, or park, give us a call to get a quote.  We will stop by your place, check out your land, and work a deal with you.


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