First Class Critters Services

Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Concierge, and more!

We offer a variety of services for you to take advantage of.  You say your dog needs some exercise?  We've got you covered!  We will have your dog running, playing, jumping, and getting all the exercise he needs.  Going out of town for a few days and leaving Fido at home, but next month he's going along for the vacation and you need someone to watch over your home?  Check and Check.  We've got you covered again!  Our pet sitters not only watch over your pets but can also watch over your home for you while you are away.

Are you looking at a couple of the services below and you'd like to do a test run to see if we are a good match for your pets?  No problem, we are offering a free trial on our dog walking, dog running, and pet sitting services.  So now you have no excuse.  Take a few minutes to read about the services we offer and then contact us today for your free trial!

Dog Walking

Our dog walkers will come to your home and get Fido out of his cage, play with him, and then take him for a healthy walk to the park, on the Green Belt, in the hills, or anywhere you would like us to go.  Read more about dog walking here.

Dog Running

That's right, we run dogs too!  And believe it or not, they love it just as much as we do.  It is the ultimate exercise for your dog, and trust me when I say this, your dog will love you if you sign him up for daytime runs.  Read more about dog running here.

Pet Sitting

Going out of town and you need a pet sitter to check up on your pets while you are gone?  We've got you covered.  Our pet sitters will stop by as often as you would like us to.  Read more about pet sitting here.

Overnight Care

This service is for both you and your pets.  We spend the night in your home keeping your pets company and giving them all the TLC they need!  It's also a great security measure by having our pet sitters stay the night.  Read more about overnight care here.

Doggy Hotel Visits

We all bring our pets on vacation once in a while.  But this time you want to leave your pet in the hotel without feeling guilty.  We can help.  Have our pet sitters stop by your hotel and take your pets outside for a potty break and to get some exercise.  Read more about doggy hotel visits here.

House Sitting

You don't feel like bugging the neighbor or getting a family member to stop by and check on your house?  We understand, let us rotate your lights, bring in the mail, close the shades and much more while you are gone.  Read more about house sitting here.

Pooper Scooper

No one likes to do it but someone has to.  Let that someone be us.  We will stop by as often as you would like us to and clean up your yard.  Read more about pooper scooping here.

Pet Taxi

We can be your pets chauffeur when you are busy.  Let us drive your pets to the groomer, vet, or wherever you would like.  Read more about pet taxi here.


Let us help you save time and stress by being your personal concierge.  We focus mainly on grocery shopping especially for our clients that are on their way back home from out of town.  If you need anything around the house, or would like us to pick something up, let us know.  Read more about our concierge service here.

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